Listing # 8:     Lifeguard     at     Weston Field Club
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This listing expires on 6 / 1 / 2013
Additional information about this job:
Additional information about this job:

Weston Field Club is looking to hire lifeguards for the Summer of 2017. The summer season will start Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day weekend.

A Lifeguard employed with the Weston Field Club is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of members and guests using the Club’s swimming pool and water front. A Lifeguard’s major responsibility is to ensure the safety of all of our members while using the club's facilities.

Essential Duties:
To supervise the activities of swimmers by enforcing rules and regulations.
To warn swimmers of improper activities or hazards.
To rescue persons in distress or in danger of drowning when indicated and provide rescue breathing, CPR and First Aid
To notify the Director of Aquatics of any accidents, rescues, or problems that arise.
To report to the Director of Aquatics any equipment that is in need of repair.
Adherence to Club workplace expectations, encompassing communication, working relations, job reliability and initiative, safety, accomplishment of work tasks, and supervision.

Auxiliary Duties:
To answer inquiries pertaining to the use of the pool.
To conduct water quality tests three times per day.
To direct all helpful suggestions from participants and others to the Director of Aquatics.
To maintain attendance and activity record and complete required reports.
To assist in cleaning and maintaining the pool and related areas and facilities.
To serve as ambassador of the Club and engage with the members in a respectful, professional, and positive manner. This includes wearing proper Lifeguard attire and displaying appropriate behavior on duty (e.g., no cell phone use while on duty).

Qualifications: The Applicant must be current on the following certifications: Lifeguard, CPR/AED, and First Aid. The Applicant must also possess good swimming skills.
Posted by Weston 1 on Thursday February 23, 2017 8:49am