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FCSL Swim & Dive Division 2

Standings as of
Friday July 13, 2018 12:23 pm
Greenwich Water C21
Lake Club12
Roton Point12
New Canaan FC02
CC Darien03
Division 2 Co-Chair Liz Tamarkin
Division 2 Co-ChairElizabeth Schinto
A message for Division 2:

Any CHANGES in dual meet scheduled dates or times must be NOTIFIED promptly by the Swim CHAIR at each club to the Webmaster before the online schedule can be updated.
(Posted March 28 9:34am)

Please remember Diving Champs are July 25, 26, 27 with 28th (Sat) rain date and avoid those dates if rescheduling dual meet dates. Dual meets postponed by bad weather should be held within 7 days of original date.FCSL Gen Spts Rules Article II L 3 Postponements.
(Posted June 30 3:53pm)

Highlight my club :    CC Darien     Greenwich Water C     Lake Club     Milbrook     New Canaan FC     Roton Point     Riverside     [None]
Division 2: 2018 Swim and Dive Meet Schedule and Results
Reported Scores: Dive, Swim, Total
DateVisiting ClubHome ClubStart times:
Thursday 6/28Greenwich Water C     26, 224, 250 Roton Point     16, 227, 243 9:00 / 11:00
Thursday 6/28New Canaan FCLake Club7/20 / 11:00
Thursday 6/28Riverside     13, 191, 204 Milbrook     32, 260, 292 9:00 / 11:00
Monday 7/2Lake Club     37, 188, 225 Greenwich Water C     30, 253, 283 3:00 / 5:00
Thursday 7/5New Canaan FC     32, 178, 210 Roton Point     33, 263, 296 9:00 / 11:00
Friday 7/6CC Darien     20, 175, 195 Milbrook     33, 272, 305 9:00 / 11:00
Friday 7/6Lake Club     29, 180, 209 Riverside     25, 273, 298 9:00 / 11:00
Tuesday 7/10Milbrook     26, 249, 275 New Canaan FC     44, 206, 250 9:00 / 11:00
Wednesday 7/11CC Darien     21, 193, 214 Lake Club     34, 257, 291 9:00 / 11:00
Thursday 7/12Riverside     22, 247, 269 Greenwich Water C     23, 213, 236 3:00 / 5:00
Thursday 7/12Roton Point     26, 217, 243 Milbrook     40, 233, 273 9:00 / 11:00
Friday 7/13CC Darien     20, 160, 180 Riverside     38, 283, 321 9:00 / 11:00
Monday 7/16Lake ClubRoton Point9:00 / 11:00
Monday 7/16MilbrookGreenwich Water C3:00 / 5:00
Monday 7/16New Canaan FCCC Darien3:00 / 5:00
Wednesday 7/18MilbrookLake Club9:00 / 11:00
Thursday 7/19RiversideNew Canaan FC9:00 / 11:00
Thursday 7/19Roton PointCC Darien9:00 / 11:00
Friday 7/20New Canaan FCLake Club8:30 / 6/28
Monday 7/23Greenwich Water CCC Darien3:00 / 5:00
Tuesday 7/24Greenwich Water CNew Canaan FC9:00 / 11:00
Monday 7/30Roton PointRiverside9:00 / 11:00


2018 Championship Meets
Thursday, 6/7Annual League KICKOFF Dinner Meeting 5:45 PM check-in at Country Club of Darien
Water Polo Chairs must attend this meeting OR later Water Polo Coach/Referee Meeting
MANDATORY Swim COACHES Mtg. 6:00 PM (Min. 1 Swim Coach/Club.)
MANDATORY Swim CHAIRS Mtg. 6:00 PM (Scorers & Dive Chairs also welcome)
6:45 PM League Dinner and Meeting - MANDATORY for Swim Coach and Swim Chair, others welcome.
Saturday, 6/16 HyTek Team Manager Training Will be by individual appointment only this year.
MANDATORY for all NEW Swim Coaches and/or New Club Champs Entry Chairs.
Need laptop, with HyTek Team Manager installed! TM program is not Apple compatible.
Swim Chairs welcome! Contact entries@fcsl.info for more info or phone Computer Co-Chairs.
Saturday, 6/16SWIM REFEREES Training/New Coaches Meeting
MANDATORY All prospective Swim Referees, and ALL existing FCSL referees who did not attend in 2017, MUST attend (if USA S qualified - contact Rick Lewis. No current FCSL swim parents!)
MANDATORY New FCSL Swim Coaches in 2017 & 2nd year Swim Coaches who did not attend in 2017 should attend even if not becoming a Referee.
Questions? Email Rick Lewis please
Thursday, 6/21DIVING Coaches' Meeting/Referee Training at New Canaan YMCA 6 PM
MANDATORY: ALL Club Dive COACHES & any independent DIVE REFEREES must attend.
MANDATORY: ALL Club Dive CHAIRS should attend (if not at Kick-off Dinner), all welcome.
Thursday, 6/21WATER POLO Coaches Meeting/Referees Training at Burning Tree CC, 7:30pm
MANDATORY: ALL Club WP CHAIRS must attend (if not at Kick-off Dinner.)
Friday, 6/22MANDATORY - Last Day to submit Dual Meet Diving REFEREE names to Diving VP & Diving Coaches Rep'.by Email to divereport@fcsl.info
Tuesday, 7/10Divisional Championships Chair Meeting 7:00 PM at Stanwich CC - By Invitation
Sunday, 7/22DIVING ENTRY Submissions due by 5:00 PM - Joe Somma Meet Mgr, by email to divereport@fcsl.info
Entry lists and Volunteers list must be EMAILED to divingentries@fcsl.info by 5pm today
Monday, 7/23MANDATORY: DIVING Coaches Seeding Meeting/Championship Referees, Wee Burn Beach Club, 3:00 PM
Wednesday, 7/2512/U DIVING Championships at Burning Tree Country Club, 7:30 AM
Event#1:12/U Girls 1M/Boys 3M, Event#2: 12/U Boys 1M/Girls 3M
Thursday, 7/2610/U DIVING Championships at New Canaan Field Club, 7:30 AM Warm-Up - 8:30 AM Start
Followed by MANDATORY FCSL Diving Coaches Meeting (Lunch will be served)
Friday, 7/2714/U & 17/U DIVING Championships at Patterson Club,7:30 AM Warm-Up - 8:30 AM Start
Event #1: 14/U Girls 1M/Boys 3M, Event #2: 17/U Girls 1M/Boys 3M
Saturday, 7/28DIVING Championships RAIN DATE
Tuesday, 7/31Early Bird County Program Ads Due by 10pm - 10% off all paid ads if completed file is submitted.
Email Ads to ads@fcsl.info Snail-mail Checks to Janet Gill-Gentry, 175 Sawmill Road, Stamford, CT 06903
Wednesday, 8/1Division 1,2,3,4 & 5 SWIM Champs ENTRIES due by 6:00 PM by email to entries@fcsl.info.
Early Entries strongly encouraged for new Swim Coaches/Entry Chairs.
NOTE Any non-conforming entry times in Yds MUST be converted to SCM before submitting entry.
See Championship section of Rules for max/swimmer, max/team, etc.
All dual meet results should be input on FCSL web site within 24 hours of end of each dual meet.
Thursday, 8/2WATER POLO Division 1,2,3 MIDGET & JUNIOR Tournaments DATES & TIMES to be Determined*
** Actual Dates, Times, Locations cannot be finalized until qualifying teams are known, and pool availability. Details will be posted on fcsl.info once known. Usually PM�s
Sunday, 8/5ALL AD's for County Program Due in printable format by Sun AUG 5th 10 PM, (absolute latest).
(July 31 10PM was deadline for Early Bird Rates.)
All questions, Email Ads to ads@fcsl.info -- snail-mail checks payable to FCSL to Janet Gill-Gentry, 175 Sawmill Road, Stamford, CT 06903 ASAP
Monday, 8/6DIVISION 2 SWIM Championships at The Lake Club, 7:30 AM warmup, 9:00 AM start
DIVISION 4 & 5 SWIM Championships at Patterson, 7:30 AM warmup, 9:00 AM start
(D4 & D5 will be swum combined but scored separately)
Tuesday, 8/7DIVISION 1 SWIM Championships at Middlesex, 7:30 AM warmup, 9:00 AM start
DIVISION 3 SWIM Championships at Burning Tree, 7:30 AM warmup, 9:00 AM start
Wednesday, 8/8MANDATORY County Seed Meeting & SWIM/DIVE/WP Scheduling Luncheon Wed. at Waveny Community House, New Canaan.
ALL Counties SCRATCHES are due NOW.
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM: 2019 Dual Meet Scheduling Meeting - Swim Coach Mandatory!
11:15 AM - 12:00 noon: 2019 Water Polo Scheduling Meeting - WP Coach Mandatory!!
12:00 noon - 1:00 PM: County Champs 2018 Seed/Scratch Meeting - Swim Coach Mandatory!

Divisional Results will be posted on Front Page of fcsl.info when received.
Thursday, 8/9WATER POLO ALL Divisions SENIOR Tournament - All Day at Rocky Point (Please Car Pool to the Club). Starts 9:30 AM
Scheduling details will be posted when known.
Friday, 8/10Annual League Meeting/Awards Dinner BANQUET at Woodway Country Club, Friday, 6:30 PM
MANDATORY Swim Chair & Swim Coach attendance! Other Coaches/Chairs welcome!
Saturday, 8/11FCSL "Counties" SWIM Championships at Roxbury, 7:00 AM warmup, 8:30 AM start
Parking at Westhill HS only, for all participants and spectators. NO drop-off at Roxbury.


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