FCSL County CDiving hampionships are set for next week :

We will not have a seed meeting for Counties at New Canaan Field Club on Monday since the main reason for the meeting is volunteers and your sheets.  

Please note, we will be having our meeting after 10 U Counties on Saturday

and it is mandatory to have your club present as this is the lifeline for the future of the league.  

Please review the following items for the Championships next week and return by Monday July 24th at 5:00 PM.  

If you do not submit anything by 5:00 PM, I am guessing you don't have anyone diving in the championships!

Please don't hesitate to call or email with questions.  My Contact info is Joe Somma 203.829.3097 Whirlwinddiving@aol.com

FCSL Diving County Championship Requirements:
Please email all diving entries in a word document to acdive@gmail.com and whirlwinddiving@aol.com.
Please understand you will be able to make changes to your sheets at Counties but it is important to review the rules and submit correctly.

For example:
New Canaan Field Club: Coach Joe Somma
17 Under Boys
Johnny Johnson 1meter 101c 201c 104c 203c 403c 301c 401c 303c 5235d
                           3 meter 101b 105b 405c 205c 305c 5335d 5225d 201b

Please provide a volunteer for each event you are entering someone.
We need a name and cell phone number: eg
Mrs Johnson (c) 203.829.3097

Please submit your Clark Falkenstein and John Hahnfeldt nominations.
You can find the nomination forms on the FCSL website in Downloads.
Everyone will need to submit one for each award.

Please confirm you received this email with a quick response to Whirlwinddiving@aol.com.
All I am looking for is the fact that you received the email and read the email.

A timeline and schedule will be sent out Tuesday by 5:00 PM

Joe Somma,

FCSL Diving Coaches Rep.